Men sterling silver bracelet. Handcrafted in London.

Men sterling silver bracelet. Handcrafted in London.


Men black bracelet handmade of sterling silver beads and cord.
The design is in one colour and is a harbour UK Classic collection. In the photos we can see it in black. The colours brings different vibes, pick yours :)

Made of: Sterling silver beads, cord, knots and passion.

Why you should have it? well, I'll tell you why... because is:

  • extremely durable

  • waterproof

  • is available in 18 colours

  • and just because you are going to love it!

You can wear your favourite colour all the time...  take a shower, go for some swimming or if you are more lucky go to the beach, just enjoy!!! It's a high quality bracelet that you are going to have it for a long time. 


Size M: 18.5 cm + 4 cm adjustable ( 7.3 inches + 1.7 inches) the most common
Size L: 20.5 cm + 4 cm adjustable ( 8 inches + 1.7 inches)
Packaging and shipping: The bracelet is coming with a beautiful packaging ready for a present. About shipping click here

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