Japanese spring Set of bracelets. Handmade in UK.

Japanese spring Set of bracelets. Handmade in UK.


Personalized bracelets for women men.
Custom friendship bracelets Inspired by nature, fuchsia, light blue and light pink.
Inspired by nature, the 3 colours of the Japanese Spring in a set.
They are 3 bracelets and you choose your colours ,just leave us a message. Inspired by nature.
Why you should have it? well, I'll tell you why... because is:

  • extremely durable waterproof

  • is available in 18 colours, colours are vibes pick yours!

  • and just because you are going to love it!


Size M: 16 cm + 4 cm adjustable (6.3 inches + 1.7 inches) the most common

Size L: 18.5 cm + 4 cm adjustable ( 7.3 inches + 1.7 inches)

Packaging and shipping: The bracelet is coming with a beautiful packaging ready for a present. About shipping click here

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