7 chakra bracelet set. Equilibrium Protection.

7 chakra bracelet set. Equilibrium Protection.


7 chakra bracelet set for protection.
Is a set of 7 bracelets where we combine the 7 colours of the chakra.
They are 7 bracelets. Harbour UK collection.
Why you should have it? well, I'll tell you why... because is:

  • extremely durable waterproof

  • is available in 18 colours, colours are vibes pick yours!

  • and just because you are going to love it!


Size M: 16 cm + 4 cm adjustable (6.3 inches + 1.7 inches) the most common

Size L: 18.5 cm + 4 cm adjustable ( 7.3 inches + 1.7 inches)

Packaging and shipping: The bracelet is coming with a beautiful packaging ready for a present. About shipping click here

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